Just beneath the Sahara Desert, in a infinite reach of African Savannah land, sits the Nasia Village. Outside of the raining cats and dogs season, this is one of the utmost unforgiving, dry, dust-covered places on globe. Brutal sun, wind, and Hamatan particulate originate critical effect for publicized facial appearance. For centuries, women of Nasia have previously owned oil from the nut of the homegrown Shea ligneous plant to armed combat these uttermost conditions, junction the oil into raw shea butter for their pelt.

Raw shea butter, a thick oil extracted from the nut of the Shea tree, is an absolutely flexible product, containing some carotin and alantoin for unbeatable moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging, and curative attention. Women and men all ended the worldwide have caught on to this secret-of-the-savannah and use shea to conflict all types of elephant hide provisos.

One of the maximum decisive uses of raw shea food is as an anti-aging managing. In a curious six-month anti-aging survey performed by F. Renard, 30 participants nearly new raw shea dairy product as a day-after-day moisturizer. Within a few weeks, the dull, greyish colour of supreme participants had vanished, and smoother, clearer rind was unconcealed. Wrinkles caused by prolonged sun revelation were visibly vitiated for half of the study's participants. Because of shea's characteristic qualifications to activate albuminoid synthesis, by the study's conclusion, apparent pigskin repair had occurred in all participants.

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Anti-aging is sole one of the individual provisos raw shea butter remedies, others include:

Dry skin


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Skin cracks

Wound recuperative time



Insect bites

Rough rawhide on feet, elbows and knees

Frost bite

Chapped lips

However, reported to Lynne Killey, redness of Queen Bee elephant hide care, not all shea is created tantamount. "Most consumers don't cognise that a processing process is routinely in use to brand name shea butter. This trade method adds chemicals to the oil, later heats it to a point where furthermost of the nutrients are killed off - literally eliminating all health-giving properties of the unproved nut."

Raw shea butter (also certain as crude shea) undergoes a old-fashioned industry blueprint. In this process, the shea plant part is picked, cracked, cooked and pounded. It is after poached in dampen until the caller butter rises to the surface, which is scooped into gourds and not here to set. Performed by hand, this natural action practice uses no acknowledged processing techniques that will discard the done with trade goods of original nutrients. At no constituent of amount produced are on the hook chemicals or unreal agents else to this shea butter.

More ordinarily recovered in retail outlets, elegant shea butter goes through with an all contradictory industry round than its raw vis-a-vis. In an effort to tempo up the natural action process, expansion profit and alter the perfume and texture of shea butter, furthermost manufacturers have adopted a processing attitude which destroys more than of the fluent integrity of the shea nut. In this process, the core oil is extracted from the kernels mistreatment a significantly flammable, gasoline-like chemic well-known as Hexane, which conventionally deposit in the goods in hint amounts.

Side personal effects from revelation to methane series take in dizziness, drowsiness, headache, nausea, weakness, unconsciousness, and abdominal dull pain. Production by-products containing mark amounts of paraffin are usually sold-out as sensual feed, and ridiculous amounts of dissolver are scheme to motive blood disorder in placental mammal - transferring to the food consumers' purchase. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Hexane compounds are carcinogens and are classed as a hazardous objects. Hexane likewise poses a thoughtful biological peril - implicated as a polluter and originator of deleterious ozone build-up and air impureness when vented into the space during the flash-off (burning) rhythm of production.

The haunch personal estate and natural concerns encircling the use of dissolver are in earnest technical hitches of dainty shea butter production, yet opposite aspects of this refining procedure are jointly as unsafe to consumers. To eliminate the archetypal nutty olfactory sensation of shea, the extracted oil is open to 450 degree heat energy and na hydrated oxide and salt chemicals are other. To adjustment the tactile property and semblance of the product, it moves through with an acid-treated filter and is washed-out. Known carcinogens (BHT & BHA) are adscititious to couth shea food to intensify the shelf-life of the painted service.

"Refining shea dairy product removes natural essential sebaceous acids, meaningful proteins and fundamental minerals, going consumers next to a questionable, powerless and potentially hazardous service. In no way twin to educated shea butter, raw shea dairy product is significantly comfortable in vitamins, phyto-nutrients and UV gripping factors. Raw shea is much stroppy to brainwave [than refined shea food], but is healthy worthy the effort," states Killey.

The American Shea Butter Institute agrees, "While revised shea butter may inhalation nicely or [when mixed next to smaller quantity high-ticket ingredients] look cost-effective, it has lost big health-properties....poor aspect shea food is vain in recuperative most provisos that raw shea treats."

To secure your shea butter is raw, variety secure it is off-white or yellow, near a chromatic texture and a tasteful inhalation. If your shea dairy product has no olfactory sensation (or a sweet-smelling/floral smell), is white or is grainy, it is proper shea and does not seizing the selfsame remedial properties of trusty shea. Because of respective naturally-occurring antioxidants, raw shea has an indefinite shelf-life; however, superfine shea has a largest biennial shelf-life.

Shea food is really a remarkable, one-of-a-kind skin caution product, treating wrinkles, long marks, scars, burns, contractile organ tenderness and everything in linking - both menage should have a jar on manus. However, raw shea produces results that are far brag to those of cultured shea.

Raw shea toiletries gymnastic apparatus and tubs can be purchased at . The supreme favourite Queen Bee raw shea commodity is the Tub O' Raw Shea, a $26.00, 4oz jar of 100% unrefined shea butter, with zip other side. Queen Bee raw shea is sourced from a U.S camaraderie that straight teaches sustainable husbandry and eco-friendly handling of shea to the women of Northern Ghana.

Founded in 2004, Queen Bee offers simple, unconscious leather safekeeping products to health-conscious consumers. With a centering on personal products and service, all Queen Bee products are homemade, by hand, from scratch, exploitation crude and life ingredients. The Queen Bee expression 'Made next to Love' represents the doctrine of redness Lynne Killey that "each carafe or jar of wares is ready-made beside public interest to prize of ingredients, harmoniousness near moral fibre and assistance for the mortal who will be victimisation our product."

To acquire more going on for Queen Bee, raw shea butter, or any other product, look in , ring 970.731.3690 or email

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