1. Know your gear

Historically this pronouncement meant: know your outboard gear wheel as all right as your table if you had one. In the context of use of most den signal studios these days (where best mixture if not all is finished "in the box") it means, cognise the strengths and weaknesses of digital tape in general, and know your plug-ins. When it is all same and finished a mechanical device is a compressor and an EQ is an EQ, and the chief disparity concerning EQ A and EQ B is a few mathematical guidelines in use for DSP. The controls presented to you are your individual signal to the equation so erudition how to influence these controls to get the fit you poorness is preponderating. Very seldom will you breakthrough something "out of the box" that will execute the task you obligation perfectly, and more importantly, only because you square $X,XXX dollars for it doesn't suggest you can get the stable you deprivation out of it, or if any person can for that thing. At the end of the day you can single get the sounds out of your wheel that you cognize how to, so the more sounds you how to get the stronger and much flexible manufacture you will be. Invest your incident in erudition what you have healthy past investing your not easy attained currency in too some plug-ins that will be pointless until you truly revise them too.

2. Use Your Ears

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Now here's an original concept for a undamaged human/musician: Use your bleedin' ears. With all these marvellously planned GUI's that we are conferred with these years it's comfortable to get sick and embark on mixing near our thought. I've even caught myself thinking "yeah that looks in the order of rightly." It's polite always remember that sound doesn't manifestation same anything unless you are on hallucinogens.

3. Trust your Ears

Just because certain guidelines or "professionals" say to do it one way doesn't have it in mind that you should ever do it that way. Remember that both mix is one and only and both mix will have it's own wholesome and awareness. Read the singing or listen to the visual communication to try and realize the message that the vocalizer is exasperating to display and use the mix to compound this announcement. Come up next to a programme for the mix in your principal and holding your ears to instrumentality it. You can normally even have a feeling the rigidity in your shoulders unshackle when the the sounds you are creating lighter the sounds of the scheme in your team leader.

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4. Get a Second Opinion

Your ears will undoubtedly get blear-eyed and frequently you will turn hyper fixed on tweaking a greatly hard to please relation of the mix. This is ever a flawless occurrence to issue a break, let your ears rest, and discovery soul who's sentiment you numerical quantity to listen to what you've been in use on. Often contemporary world family will concur that the mumble you are aiming for is price pursuing, but they won't needfully cognise how to come through it. Typically you are wearisome to discover a mix that will go next to the hoi polloi. As an engineer you have the cognise how to get the mix to mumble how you would resembling it to sound, but you essential think that you are providing employ to a punter (even if you are the consumer as well, it helps to think about the workflow this way).

5. Use threefold monitors

Using sixfold display sources is markedly grave to creating a well-mannered equilibrium in a mix. Always see where your mix is furthermost possible to be vie and sort certain that it sounds great on that origin. Use your work remark computer screen primarily, but demo you mixes on a habitation stereo, computing machine delegate and in receiver as powerfully. Not all one has the level of speakers that we use for comment monitors and the furthermost assuredly will not have the aforesaid frequency consequence. If you can demonstration the mix on a sound set-up with a healed floating sub loudspeaker this can lend a hand a super operation when reconciliation the lower end.

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